Fighting for Futures

Empowering Colorado’s sex trafficking survivors with the resources and skills they need to experience a future filled with hope.


A Global Injustice with a Local Impact

Human trafficking, and more specifically sex trafficking, is occurring today in all parts of the world and is a form of slavery with limited means of escape. Traffickers use manipulation, threats of violence and fraud to coerce vulnerable people into a subculture that becomes increasingly difficult to escape. It has reported that sex trafficking is over a $30 billion a year industry operating in the shadows of our culture.

Since 2007, the National Human Trafficking Hotline has received reports of 34,700 cases of human trafficking in the United States. Colorado, ranking 17th in the nation has seen 629 cases with nearly 850 victims.

There are countless organizations committed to ending sex trafficking, but way less exist to help support survivors after they have escaped the cycle. When survivors escape, many end up back in trafficking because of the limited resources available to help them fully recover. In most cases, victims had all of their important documents and identification forms taken from them by the trafficker, and with no way to prove who they are, they cannot obtain jobs, housing, or food.


 Empower Toward Healing

We offer a healthy community full of caring coaches that have been trained to help with these unique needs, teaching and often re-teaching life skills that can help these survivors obtain jobs, making them self-sufficient and empowered to break the bondage they’ve been held by for so long.



We begin our process by assessing the needs of the survivor, providing a safe home, and help them overcome addiction, if necessary.


Life Skills

Survivor has employment and income, then is paired with a mentor and we share basic life skills including: budgeting, meal planning, and self-care.



Once the survivor has maintained consistent employment, we help move them into a secure apartment, as well as pair them with an ongoing case manager.


Purpose & Voice

After the survivor has graduated from Case Management, they begin work on our Boundaries Curriculum to help discover their purpose and share their story.

I am so grateful for everything that Covered did for me. If it wasn’t for Covered, I wouldn’t be in the position that I’m able to be in right now to move forward. My kids are good and safe and they actually got to experience Christmas this year! Our lives are amazing.
— Quote from a Covered Graduate